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CorVus Biomedical
A Porcine Model that Provides an
Accurate Human Analog
Our Ossabaw Miniature Swine grow to the
same size as people--perfect for testing
implantable devices.
They also develop Metabolic Syndrome,
NASH, Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension and
atherosclerosis when eating a high fat diet.
CorVus Biomedical, LLC is dedicated to the humane and ethical treatment of our animals.  We adhere to strict NIH
and USDA guidelines and endeavor to minimize any pain or discomfort our animals experience.

Our Ossabaw Swine have helped provide vital information about pharmaceutical, therapeutic and surgical
techniques that are used in people today.  They will continue to help us discover new treatments that will improve
the lives of people throughout the world!
CorVus Biomedical
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CorVus Biomedical
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