Our base breeding colony utilizes the Ossabaw Swine (from a small island off the coast of Georgia).
We can adjust their diets to induce metabolic syndrome and coronary artery disease in the animals,
as well as pharmacological therapy, orchiectomy and other influencing factors.
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Producing an obese Ossabaw Swine with Metabolic Syndrome
At our Breeding Facility
An adolescent Ossabaw Swine preparing for transport.
Inside our breeding facility.
Staff troubleshooting in a pre-heat room.
Rodent Control Officer Jackson: ever-vigilant, always on patrol....
Staff preparing our Metabolic Syndrome-Inducing Diet
Almost  always on patrol
Animal Transport & Delivery: we deliver ANYWHERE in the world!
Breeding Facility Office: arranging transportation & delivery
Done making repairs, ready for more work
Pigs being pigs